We at Saeby Fish Canners Ltd ensure high product quality and hygiene by focusing constantly on food safety, contemporary product­ion methods and staff training, as well as on upgrading and maintaining plant and machinery.

Due to our constant development and maintenance of the HACCP system, GMP and cleaning procedures, our processes are always fully updated in relation to the most recent legislation.

As all our staff are responsible for quality, we always involve all employees in the work to improve quality and the working environment. Quality control applies not only to A/S Sæby Fiske-Industri , but also to our suppliers.

Quality procedures in production:

  • After the cans are sealed, we check them for dents, faults and leaks, which may allow pathogenic microorganisms to penetrate the product.
  • All the cans are subjected to metal detection.
  • All cans are autoclaved to ensure that they are sterile.
  • All cans are check weighed.
  • We regularly take samples from the production process and check them in our laboratory.
  • The cans are kept in incubation storage for seven days to make sure that they have been sterilised correctly.

HACCP stands for “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points”.

HACCP is an internationally recognised method for analysing production and identifying the food-related risks that need to be prevented and avoided.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) comprises procedures designed to ensure a good manufacturing process from start to finish at both internal and external sources.

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