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In the summer and autumn, huge shoals of mackerel are to be found swimming close to the coast in Skagerak, the North Sea and the southern reaches of the Norwegian Sea. The mackerel caught are landed in Hirtshals, Denmark, in autumn. Here, they are pumped from the ships to large containers filled with iced water and transported to the factory in Sæby for further processing.

An external consultant performs a quayside quality control on every load of mackerel as soon as it is landed, i.e. before it is transported to Sæby. The consultant weighs and measures selected fish to ensure that they are of the correct quality. Maintaining the right temperature is crucial to the preservation of the fish, so data from the ships’ refrigeration system and random samples from the containers at the harbour are used to monitor and document the refrigeration chain from catch to production at the Sæby facility.

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