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Saeby Fish Canners Ltd. is the leading producer of private label mackerel preserves in Europe.

Every year, the company produces 97–105 million cans. Of these, 85 per cent are exported to leading supermarket chains around the world, each of which has special preferences regarding sauces, labels and packaging.

High quality, sustainability and traceability are all crucial to our private label customers. We catch the mackerel during the peak season, when it is of the finest quality, and thanks to our unique IQF freezing process, we can guarantee full traceability back to the date and location of the catch. Combined with the high demands we make on our suppliers, and the stringent internal quality control we apply, this means that we always supply top class products.

Saeby Fish Canners Ltd.’s biggest markets are Great Britain, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the rest of Europe, but the company also has capabilities to export to every market worldwide.

Our customers include major chains such as Princes, Tesco, Morrisons, Aldi, Lidl, Rema1000 and Bergendahls.


MSC certified

MSC certified

Our mackerel with the blue MSC label is caught sustainably by a certified sustainable fishery.

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Quality assurance of each mackerel

We use no chemicals when skinning the fish, and follow strict quality protocols. Our frezzing proces is unique, and it makes it possible to ensure traceability of the individual mackerel.

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