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Try our gastronomic universe of different flavors from Saeby Fish Canners Ltd., if you have an appetite for something new and exciting.

At Saeby Fish Canners Ltd. our laboratory continuously develops new and exciting flavors. We test various combinations of spices, vegetables and oils, which become delicious variety of flavors. Recently, we developed Indian and Mexican-inspired flavors with interesting, complex flavors adapted to the British consumers' taste patterns.

Saeby Fish Canners Ltd.’s tailor-made sauces are rigorously tested to match quality and nutritional requirements from certified and approved wholesale suppliers. Our laboratory guaranties both taste and texture will not vary from production to production. This quality and taste diversity is one of the reasons Saeby Fish Canners Ltd. is Europe's leading private label mackerel manufacturer.

In addition to our well-known mackerel in tomato Saeby Fish Canners Ltd.offer 19 different sauces. This includes 5 varieties of tomato (counting added spice and sugar in varying amounts), mustard, curry powder, chili or pure olive oil, rapeseed oil or sunflower oil. Of the newer variants are our mackerel in white wine, -estragon, -lemon / olives and Moroccan style sauce.

MSC certified

MSC certified

Our mackerel with the blue MSC label is caught sustainably by a certified sustainable fishery.

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Quality assurance of each mackerel

We use no chemicals when skinning the fish, and follow strict quality protocols. Our frezzing proces is unique, and it makes it possible to ensure traceability of the individual mackerel.

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