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The Ocean's Superfood

Saeby Fish Canners Ltd. provide pure mackerel products without artificial additives or colourings – we only add natural ingredients such as brine, oils, vegetables and spices.

Scomber Scombrus Mackerel has a natural high fat content – specifically high in Omega 3 fatty acids, which are good for the heart, eyes and immune system. In addition, this type of mackerel is rich in vitamins B and D, iodine and selenium.

Our catch of the Scomber Scombrus Mackerel is considered particularly healthy for everyday consumers – and why it’s also called the ocean’s super food. 

Our chemical-free cans and production standards makes Saeby the world’s cleanest canned mackerel. 

Scomber scombrus
caught in the northeast atlantic

Traceable & Sustainable Mackerel

Scomber Scombrus Mackerel is only caught in the autumn, when it flourishes in the finest quality and occurs in large schools along the coast in the Skagerrak, the North Sea and the southern Norwegian Sea.

After freezing each consignment of Scomber Scombrus Mackerel is stored in separate cells, ensuring full traceability to capture time and exact position of the vessel. This gives our customers full guarantee that the products are of the promised quality and origin.

Traceable quality is the trademark of Saeby Fish Canners Ltd.’s sustainable fishing. As the only producer in the wvorld we freeze each mackerel individually.


Chemical-free production

Saeby Fish Canners Ltd.’s unique skinning of the fish is without the use of caustic soda and hydrochloric acid, which is the usual method for the rest of the industry. We only use hot water and steam in the production process which makes our production completely chemical-free.

Adding chemical-free cans makes Saeby Fish Canners Ltd. the world’s cleanest canned mackerel.


Quality Assurance

We catch Scomber Scombrus Mackerel based on sustainable principles and on the harbour, we conduct quality control to ensure the best quality.

Saeby Fish Canners Ltd.’s product quality is ensured by our strict quality protocol, where metal detection, x-ray, retorting and check weighing reveals any flaws or inconsistencies.


Quality Assurance include

  • All the cans go through metal detection or x-ray
  • All cans are retored to ensure sterility
  • All cans are check weighed
  • We take out continuously samples from production being investigated in laboratory
  • The cans are retained on the incubation stock for 7 days to ensure proper sterilization.

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