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The MSC certification for all North East Atlantic mackerel fisheries has been suspended due to previous scientific information of a drop of stock.  The latest scientific advice showed a healthier stock, however, the MSC certificates were not reinstated, why it is not possible to produce MSC certified products.

For us this means that the mackerel we received in the Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 cannot be sold as MSC certified. We will, however, continue to fish and produce sustainably.

Please direct any further questions to info@saeby.com. 

MSC certified

MSC is a private, global labeling that promises that wild-caught seafood products is handled with care and can be traced right back to a sustainable source. MSC comply with UN international standards for environmental labeling of sustainable fishing.

MSC standards has three main principles:

  • Fishing activity must be at a level that is sustainable for the fish population.
  • Fisheries should be operated in such a way that the ecosystem retains its structure, productivity, function and diversity.
  • The fishery must meet all local, national and international laws and must have a management system in place that can respond to changing circumstances and maintain the overall sustainability.

Check out our MSC certificate

Read more on the Marine Stewardship Council MSC website


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