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Private label production

We produce canned mackerel to major supermarket chains all over the world
Great experience and expertise

Canned mackerel as private label

With 35 different variants in our product assortment, we deliver private label canned mackerel to everyone.

On an annual basis, we export 85% of our produced canned mackerel abroad. At the same time, we have a production capacity that enables us to produce 150 million cans per year, so our experience and expertise cannot be questioned.

We only use clean and raw materials, where we ensure full traceability – from the time of the catch until the mackerel lands on the consumer’s table.

We are constantly focusing on optimizing both the internal production as well as our collaborations with external interests in order to produce sustainable canned mackerel.

If you are a retailer, you have the option of ordering our products in several ways:

• You can choose any given product and buy it in larger quantities.

• You can choose a package solution, where you either choose or develop a recipe in collaboration with us.

Selection of cans

Our private label assortment

The demand of mackerel fillet and small pieces of mackerel is great. Our many variants come in the following mackerel cans.

Round can

125 g

Club can

125 g

Choose a solution

Several packaging solutions

You get to choose which packaging solution that suits you best. See your different opportunities with our canned mackerel packaging solutions.

Round can in red foil
3/4/6/ x 125 g

Club can in red foil
3/6/8 x 125 g

Round can in clear foil
3/4/6/ x 125 g

Club can in clear foil
3/6/8 x 125 g

Club can in sleeve
3 x 125 g X 8

Club can in carton, vertical
10 x 125 g

Club can in carton, horizontal
10 x 125 g

Club can in carton, horizontal
12 x 125 g

Club can in carton, vertical
2×10 / 2 facing x 125 g

Club can in carton, horizontal
2×12 / 3×8 / 2 or 3 facing x 125 g

Round can in carton
24 x 125 g

Round can in carton
24 x 125 g

Apple box – club+round
200/250 x 125 g

Contact us if you want to hear more about our packaging solutions.

Contact usSee SAEBY Products

Our production and capacity

Raw material

The mackerel is caught in the period of October-November. This is when the mackerel stocks are at its highest, and the mackerel’s fat content is at its highest, and thus the best, during the period.


All our production takes place at our factory in Saeby, Northern Jutland in Denmark, where we have a production capacity of up to 150 mil. cans. The mackerel is skinned without using chemicals, afterwards it is filleted by hand.

Warehouse and storage

We have our own cold store facilities that ensure the traceability of the mackerel. Our cold store facilities can contain 30.000 tons of mackerel, which ensures that we always can deliver canned mackerel.


We always offer to deliver our canned mackerel to our retailers. We ensure to load the transportation to a maximum, so we protect the environment as good as possible. Also, it is possible to pick up the canned mackerel at our facilities in Saeby.