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A clean and natural product

The canned mackerel products produced at Saeby Fish Canners Ltd. are clean and natural - without any artificial additives
Experts in canned mackerel

Experience, tradition, and strong values

Saeby Fish Canners Ltd. is one of the world’s leading canned mackerel producers. The driving forces behind our quality products are our proud tradition, strong values, and our great innovations.

Our development department collaborates with external chefs to develop our great sauces. Today, we offer more than 35 different variants of canned mackerel. Our products can contain a variety of oils and sauces – only your imagination sets the limit.

SAEBY’s products are always in stock, thus you will experience short delivery time.

Canned mackerel for everyone

New mackerel cans in our assortment

Our assortment now consists of more than 35 different variants, including the mild flavours in oil and the spicy flavours with mustard, curry, and chili. Our newest member of the SAEBY family are the two variants of mackerel mix.

Our green canned mackerel mix contains small pieces of mackerel in tomato with pickled peppers and cucumber, while the blue mackerel mix contains small pieces of mackerel in tomato with olives and tomato pieces.

At Saeby Fish Canners Ltd. we use BHA free packaging, and none of our products contain preservatives.

Canned mackerel is a rich source of protein, and it has an incredible number of applications. Our new flavours go well in salads, and in rice and pasta dishes.

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In stores all over the world

Private label

Due to extreme market conditions on the retail market, the demand and sale of private label products is experiencing increasing growth.

At Saeby Fish Canners Ltd. we have a large experience and great expertise with the production of private label products.

Today, about 95% of our production involves private label. About 85% of our private label production gets exported all over the world.

Our production department involves product developers, who are constantly developing new recipes and products.

We have an annual production capacity of about 150 million cans.

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Samples and incubation

Quality assurance of SAEBY’s products

Quality assurance is a keyword at Saeby Fish Canners Ltd. We are constantly monitoring our mackerels, from the time of catch until they are delivered to our customers.

After the mackerel’s head and tail have been removed, the mackerel is individually frozen and stored in separate cells. This ensures full traceability – from sea to table.

At Saeby Fish Canners Ltd. we have our own lab where we continuously control our products’ quality through samples.

When the canned mackerel products have been produced, the mackerel cans are placed in our incubation storage for seven days to guarantee thorough sterilization.

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