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Quality assurance of the mackerel

Quality control, hygiene inspection, product tests, and certificates
We know what we are doing

Nothing left to chance

To ensure the high quality of our mackerel products, we do several quality inspections every day. All of our produced canned mackerels undergo X-ray to see if there are any unexpected obstacles in the cans.

Before our mackerel products are finished in our production, they also undergo:

• Sterilization
• Weighing
• Quality check

At Saeby Fish Canners Ltd. we do our quality checks in our own laboratory every day. It is here that our laboratory technicians ensure that our products contain the right values, and that they do not contain anything other than the natural raw materials.

Our canned mackerel is stored in our incubation storage for seven days after the production. When the seven days have passed, the canned mackerel products are ready for shipment to our customers.

Production and employees

Our certificates

We are certified according to our business’ standards with regards to our production and employees.
Our certificates are your guarantee that we do our job properly.

Full traceability

From sea to table

At Saeby Fish Canners Ltd. we guarantee that we trace our consumers’ canned mackerel back to the time of catch.

Ocean – FAO 27:

The mackerel is caught in the North Atlantic. Our mackerel is caught during the period of October-November as the mackerel’s fat content is at its highest, and the stocks of the Scomber Scombrus mackerel are large during this period.


The mackerel arrives at our factory shortly after the time of catch. Our mackerel is individually frozen, hand filleted, put in a can, and sauce is added before the can gets sealed.

The Factory

After our canned mackerel has been stored in our incubation storage for seven days, it is ready for shipment worldwide. Throughout the whole process we can trace the mackerel back to the time of catch.