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Active since 1946 – our experience speaks for itself
Great experience and innovative mindset

About Saeby Fish Canners Ltd.

At Saeby Fish Canners Ltd. we focus on high quality, responsibility, and innovation. We have more than 70 years of experience as a canned mackerel producer – and the experience makes us stronger. It is with the future in mind that we continuously optimate our processes and innovate our products.

Our handling of the mackerel and our production of the canned mackerel are unique methods. When we skin our mackerel, which is exclusively the Scomber Scombrus mackerel, we skin it without using chemicals.

At Saeby Fish Canners Ltd. we both produce private label products and our own brands – SAEBY and NORD. Amongst our innovative initiatives, we have started our own sewage concept, and we have developed recyclable foil, which is very easy to handle when sorting garbage.

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It started at the harbour


Our first factory was located at Saeby Harbour in 1947. The place is small, and the facilities are modest but there is room for Saeby Fish Canners Ltd.


Christian Vanggaard takes ownership of Saeby Fish Canners Ltd. in 1949, and he creates a clear strategy for our production.


In the year of 1951, we open our first cold store storage at Gyldendalsvej, which later becomes the location for our entire production.

1960 - 1970s

Throughout this period, we have our own trawlers fishing for prawns. After Denmark gets its EU membership in 1972, we start producing canned mackerel at Saeby Fish Canners Ltd.


To become specialists on one product, canned mackerel, we start phasing out the production of prawns, tuna, lobster, herring, and sardines during the 1980’s.


In 1982 our production capacity at Saeby Harbour is fully utilized, so we start moving our production to Gyldendalsvej. We are still located at Gyldendalsvej, where we have more than 60.000 square meters for production and administration.


Our entire production takes place at Gyldendalsvej in 1988. Thus, our production at Saeby Harbour ends entirely.


It is not looking well – our factory bursts into flames in 1996. However, the parts of our production which are burned down are replaced with new elements and components that follow the highest technological standards.


In 2016 we open our second factory, which gives us more production capacity during the peak season.


We say our last goodbye to the former owner of Saeby Fish Canners Ltd. – Christian Vanggaard – who passes away in 2020. We honour his memory, and his spirit lives in all our employees.