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Canned mackerel - nutritious and natural

At Saeby Fish Canners Ltd. we produce several variants of canned mackerel. Our products are famous for their high quality, they consist of pure raw materials, and they do not contain artificial additives. We differentiate through our unique handling and production, and we only use the North Atlantic, Scomber Scombrus mackerel in the production of our canned mackerel.

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The story of Saeby Fish Canners Ltd

“Companies are like mackerels – they must move constantly so as not to die” Christian Vanggaard, Founder

At Saeby Fish Canners Ltd. we have a special mindset – it is the mindset of Christian Vanggaard. The visionary founder of SAEBY made a significant impact on our company, and it still shows until this very day. With his strong will and motivating work ethic, he is a true inspiration for our management and employees.

The unique story about Saeby Fish Canners Ltd. is characterized by responsibility, pride, and innovation. Read the story about Denmark’s only canned mackerel producer.

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Canned mackerel from Saeby Fish Canners Ltd is made with the future in mind

Traceable mackerel

Our mackerel is fully traceable – from catch to it is on the dinner table.

Clean production

Our innovative skinning process provides a chemical-free product.

High quality

Our unique freezing method and continuous sampling ensures the highest quality of the Scomber Scombrus mackerel.

A clean natural product

All our canned mackerel only contain clean and natural raw materials.

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Chemical-free production

At Saeby Fish Canners Ltd., the production of mackerel is all chemical-free – what does this mean to you? More and more consumers are now…
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Recipes with canned mackerel

Canned mackerel is an exquisite delicacy if it is prepared properly. Have you ever tried spaghetti with mackerel and chorizo? Or have you tasted a delicious cheese pancake with mackerel on top? Check out our quirky and tastefully recipes that are easy to follow. Our easy recipes are perfect for daily dishes and special occasions.

Pizza Con Scombro

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Tortilla with mackerel and seaweed

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Open sandwich with mackerel

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