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At Saeby Fish Canners Ltd., the production of mackerel is all chemical-free – what does this mean to you?

More and more consumers are now demanding honest and clean products. We want foods with an ingredient list that is not dominated by E-numbers and complicated chemical names. Products that do not bear the mark of the manufacturer trying to run around corners with us.

At Saeby Fish Canners Ltd. we do not use any chemicals in the production of mackerel. Instead of caustic soda and hydrochloric acid, we – as the only producer in the world – use regular hot water to loosen the skin, which is only possible because the fish, after catch, is frozen individually instead of in blocks.

The cans are also free of the hormone-disrupting chemical, BPA, which is otherwise found on the inside of much of the canned food you find in supermarkets. This means that everyone – including pregnant women and children – can safely eat mackerel from Saeby Fish Canners Ltd.

You will, also, not find any preservatives in Saeby’s mackerel because the can is heat-treated (boiled) after sealing. After that, it is impossible for bacteria to penetrate, providing a natural long shelf life, without the use of chemicals. The canned mackerel from Saeby also does not contain obscure tasters or fillers, but in turn lots of flavorful mackerel – as much as 72% of the can’s contents.

In short: a can of mackerel from Saeby Fish Canners Ltd, contains no caustic soda, no hydrochloric acid, no preservatives, and no artificial tasters. You only get what is written on your can of mackerel. This is surely an honest product.